Reddie Point Preserve

The Reddie Point Preserve in the Jacksonville, Florida area is a remarkable example of an urban wetland park. Located on the St. Johns River, it serves as an essential habitat for wildlife and provides a recreational haven for local citizens. Spanning over 740 acres, the preserve consists of diverse ecosystems, including marshes, swamps, hammocks, and woodlands that support a wide variety of plant and animal life.

It was designated as a State Conservation Area in 1974 and is managed by the City of Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department.

If you are planning to visit, here's what you can expect to see and do:

Miles of Trails

The preserve contains several miles of trails, boardwalks, and observation decks. These trails lead to various points throughout the park, including an observation tower that provides stunning views of the surrounding wetlands.

They vary in difficulty, from easy to moderate, and are open during daylight hours year-round.

Educational Programs

You can also find educational programs held at multiple locations throughout the preserve, canoe, and kayak rentals, fishing areas, a boat ramp, and picnic sites with grills available for use. The park hosts many educational events and workshops that offer an opportunity to learn more about the diverse wildlife, ecosystems, and natural resources found in this unique area.

Wildlife Viewing

You can find a wide variety of birds, turtles, alligators, fish, amphibians, and other creatures living in the wetland areas of the preserve. With some luck, you might even spot a bald eagle or osprey soaring above the marshes!

The habitats also provide essential resting spots for migratory waterfowl during winter months.

Recreational Opportunities

The Reddie Point Preserve offers amazing recreational opportunities year-round. Popular activities include:

  • Kayaking
  • Biking
  • Bird-watching
  • Picnicking alongside the river banks

You can bring your own cooked food and snacks or try out one of the local restaurants located near the preserve for a unique outdoor experience.


The preserve boasts some of the most beautiful natural views in the area that are perfect for capturing stunning photographs. Its lush wetlands and diverse wildlife provide a backdrop suitable for all types of photographers, from amateur to professional.

Make sure to check the park website for any additional restrictions or guidelines before you head out to explore.

The Reddie Point Preserve is a true gem in the Jacksonville area, allowing you to explore and appreciate its beauty. With miles of trails, educational programs, wildlife viewing opportunities, and recreational activities available, it's no wonder this urban wetland park is such a famous destination for locals and tourists alike.