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    Concrete Foundation Repair Jacksonville FL

    Concrete Contractors of Jacksonville FL is the name for quality and excellence when it comes to any concrete work. Concrete needs a final curing period, which deserves extra attention from those who care about building foundations that will last.

    Your foundation is the cornerstone of your home and one that should only be trusted to an experienced professional. We have a variety of solutions for any type or budget, so don't hesitate!

    T-Shaped Foundations

    The T-shaped foundation is the most common type of foundation used in areas where it's not uncommon for ground to freeze. When building this kind, we need to make sure that the footing stays below frost line so as not compromise its stability and integrity. After our experts lay a strong base down, walls can be built on top without worrying about them sinking or being damaged by ice!

    T-shaped foundations are the most rock solid foundation there is. They will provide you with a sturdy, strong wall that can withstand even the toughest of winds and weather conditions.

    Pour concrete slabs in between the walls. For more information on retaining wall or T-shaped foundations, contact us for further assistance.,Concrete driveway install or repair in Jacksonville.


    The foundation of your new home will be made from a slab-on-grade, which is the traditional type for areas where freezing ground does not exist.

    The concrete slab is often a few inches thick and has reinforcing rods that are poured in at the edges to strengthen it.

    When it comes to laying a firm concrete foundation, we never settle for less. We always prep the ground before pouring and make sure that our slab sits on top of crushed gravel just like any other type of home or building would. To lessen the chances of cracks in your concrete structure, one added measure is including wire mesh beneath the concrete as well.


    One of the more creative ways to protect a building foundation is with frost-protected foundations. These sophisticated structures keep the ground temperature above that which would otherwise freeze and break it, keeping your footing safe from any uninvited guests in bad weather.

    We use two firm polystyrene sheets as insulation for this structure. One sheet will be placed at the bottom of the slab before it is poured, while another one will be installed on top of that first layer to provide additional protection from heat loss and debris such as moisture or snow.

    Ground icing can be a major problem for homeowners, but this modified foundation is designed to help combat that. With the slab-on-grade design and its increased insulation values you will have more peace of mind in your home's safety from ground ice events.

    Foundation Durability

    At Concrete Contractors of Jacksonville FL , we work with our customers to make sure every step in the construction process is perfect. Our goal for each project is that you are 100% satisfied before it's finished, no matter what type of concrete foundation or other part we're working on!

    Every phase of the project goes through expert planning and has workers with years of experience who are well-versed in their various work sets to ensure that we lay a foundation for high quality.

    Enhance Your Home or Office With Decorative Concrete or Stained Concrete