Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home and Crematory

The Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home, and Crematory in Jacksonville, FL, is a timeless and peaceful place that offers families the final resting spot for their loved ones. Established in 1859, this stately cemetery has been providing burial services to families of Jacksonville for over 160 years. With an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility, Evergreen is the perfect setting to pay tribute to those who have passed away.

Some famous people buried at Evergreen Cemetery include former Governor of Florida David Sholtz; and the first African-American federal judge appointed in Florida, John W. Ruffin. With over 20,000 graves, it is one of the oldest cemeteries in Jacksonville. It also has a mausoleum with a columbarium to house cremated remains.

Burial Options

The Evergreen Cemetery offers a variety of burial options, including traditional ground burials, lawn crypts, cremation niches, mausoleums, private estates, and family plots. Each location is designed with convenience and quality in mind to provide maximum comfort during memorial services or visits from family members. Evergreen offers a modern and efficient on-site crematory for those who opt for cremation.

Beautiful and Serene Landscape

As well as being a place of final rest for many loved ones, Evergreen Cemetery offers beautiful landscaping throughout its grounds and features stunning gardens carefully sculpted over the years. These gardens provide visitors with a peaceful atmosphere where they can reflect on nature’s beauty and pay tribute to those who have passed away.

The grounds feature trees, shrubbery, statues, monuments, and markers for personalized memorials. There are also a variety of artworks on display throughout the cemetery that honors those who have passed away.

Funeral Home Services

In addition to burial services, the Evergreen Cemetery provides funeral home services, including obituary notices, memorial cards, and merchandising of caskets, vaults, and other items. The professional staff at Evergreen are committed to providing families with the highest level of care during their time of need. They strive to ensure that final arrangements meet the individual needs of each family and provide personalized service throughout the process.

Honoring Your Loved Ones

At Evergreen Cemetery, you can honor your loved ones in various ways, such as through monuments, headstones, or bronze markers, which can be personalized with inscriptions, artwork, or photographs. You can also select from a variety of floral arrangements which are available for purchase to adorn gravesites.

In addition to providing families with burial services and funeral home services, Evergreen Cemetery is also dedicated to preserving the history of Jacksonville through its archives, which contain detailed records of everyone buried in the cemetery since it opened in 1859. This invaluable historical resource allows visitors to trace their family’s roots and pay tribute to their ancestors while visiting the grounds at Evergreen.

A Timeless Place of Reflection

The Evergreen Cemetery is more than just a place of burial. It is a timeless and serene place of reflection where families can honor the memory of their loved ones while enjoying the beauty of nature. The cemetery offers a peaceful atmosphere to remember those who have gone before us and provides families with an opportunity to pay final respects to their dearly departed in a beautiful setting.